CERES: The Planet That Never Sleeps

My work for the expansion is up here on Artstation, please check it out! This one was really fun to work on, too.

* * *

Earlier this year I assisted areyoshi on illustrating for CERES: The Planet That Never Sleeps, a TTRPG module publication from Tidal Wave Games. It was an incredibly fulfilling project; my main role was to set up architectural environments, which I really enjoy! We're currently looking ahead to CERES' supplement publication Cybernetic Enhancements, which recently successfully closed its Kickstarter round. Looking forward to being a part of that one, too!

There was a lot of Blender involved in this project, useful for shading, complex compositions, and eccentric camera treatments like the use of a fisheye lens. These are all things I want to explore a lot further in the future.